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Spotlight on Food City, Giant Foods, and Publix’ Holiday Campaign Results

February 17, 2010

Publix Miami Division BoardFood City Board

Food City Board

Giant Good Neighbor Board


The results are in!  Congrats to Publix Super Markets, Food City, and Giant Foods (Landover) for running three very successful Food For All holiday season fundraisers.  Customers donated to these fundraisers by donating $1, $3 or $5 at the checkout stand while paying for groceries.  Proceeds from the campaigns will be designated to select local and regional charities of the retailer’s choice.  Thanks to all involved for giving back to local communities.

  • Publix Super Markets (Atlanta, Jacksonville, Lakeland and Miami Divisions) raised $2,416,225
  • Food City (KY, VA, TN) raised $308, 247
  • Giant Foods (VA, MD, DE, DC) raised $378,222

Please stay tuned for more results from our holiday season programs.


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