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Savemart® & Lucky®’s Pepsi® Refresh Project is here!

April 7, 2010

Food For All is proud to be a beneficiary of Savemart® & Lucky® Supermarkets’ Pepsi® Refresh Project!    The project gives customers the chance to vote for programs that support health, wellness, nutrition and hunger relief for children and families.  Please visit Savemart or Lucky Supermarkets’ websites to vote for your favorite Food For All sponsored program—voting ends May 1o and there is a limit of  2 votes per day, per email address.

Food For All’s Three Program Ideas:

  • Mother/Baby Parenting Program

    Help low-income mothers and fathers through the Mother/Baby program learn parenting skills and in return for attending classes, receive no-cost baby supplies, e.g., diapers, formula, clothing, etc.The purpose of the Sacramento area Mother-Baby program is to alleviate the basic immediate needs of children and parents who are disadvantaged by providing them with an emergency supply of formula, baby food, clothing, and diapers, as well as offering education and supportive parenting classes to help create stronger and healthier families. In exchange for all these services, the recipients are expected to attend one monthly family life workshop and are invited to attend as many as they would like.

  • Fill Up America Programs

    Assist “Fill Up America,” a program that seeks out manufacturers’ and distributors’ excess food and reroutes it to sanctuaries, food kitchens, shelters, and to those who need it the most.  Fill Up America, operating out of San Francisco, is dedicated to connecting need with surplus. Their plan is simple. They talk with those people in need: sanctuaries, food kitchens, women’s & men’s shelters, children’s homes and find out what would make their lives richer. Next they contact manufacturers and distributors and ask for donations or even what they plan to throw away. Then they connect the dots.

  • Groceries for Seniors Program

    Ensure needy seniors obtain free, fresh food so they do not have to choose between food or buying medicine. Groceries for Seniors is a community based non-profit organization in San Francisco that provides free food to poor, elderly people. Seniors live with the daily threat of hunger. This condition can worsen chronic health problems that can lead to the hospitalization of the senior. Food is a basic human need: without an adequate diet, people cannot fight off disease and infection. Poor elders must choose between purchasing food to stay well or buying medicine to keep from getting sick. The pantry program distributes nutritious fresh food to approximately 1,200 seniors every week. Without help, many seniors would go to bed hungry.

Thanks to Savemart®,  Lucky® Supermarkets, and Pepsi® for their commitment to improving the lives of citizens in their communities.  Remember to get your vote out for any of Food For All’s selected programs before May 10!


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